Giacomo Picca
Temporary Contemporary - Caution: Uneven Surface

Caution : Uneven Surfaces

04.12.04 - 09.01.05
PV Friday 3rd December 6 - 9.30pm with special guests RABBIT

Diann Bauer * Juan Bolivar * Gordon Cheung * John Chilver * Sean Dawson * Louisa Durose * Lis Fields * Tod Hanson * Gunther Herbst * John Kindness * Peter Lamb * David Lock * Andrea Medjesi-Jones * Alex Gene Morrison * Liz Neal * JA Nicholls * Alicia Paz * Giacomo Picca * Greg Rook * Andro Semeiko * Dolly Thompsett * Markus Vater * Yu-Chen Wang * David Waterworth

temporarycontemporary is proud to present ‘Caution : Uneven Surfaces’ the first in a series of 3 medium-specific ‘survey’ exhibitions: this, the ‘painting show’, will be followed by our international video ‘Biennale!’ in January 05 and then later in the year by an exhibition addressing the contemporary digital condition.

‘Caution : Uneven Surfaces’ is a large installation comprising of one or two or more works by 24 international painters. In that they are all London-based, the exhibition tends towards a survey show, a who’s who of the contemporary London painting scene. More importantly however, is that the exhibition seeks to offer a serious examination of what constitutes current painting practice and the stylistically wide-ranging modes in which that is addressed.

A labyrinth-like installation has been constructed as a succession of continuous spaces or open rooms that allows for works to be arranged in a manner avoiding attempts at classification. The wide-ranging styles and forms of painting reflect the great variety of the participants, with painters still at college, or recently graduated, mixed with artists represented by London galleries. Whilst most of the London colleges are present here, the show also includes works by artists who have settled here or find themselves currently working in London but who have studied elsewhere. This creates a dynamic conversation between the artists that raises many questions: is there a dominant approach to the medium at this time; is it possible to wholly represent current painting practices; what constitutes ground-breaking versus mainstream or even reactionary approaches; and finally, in what way does the production of work bear a relationship to the local or international context in which it is made. If the exhibition addresses these issues satisfactorily remains to be seen, what is clear however is that represented here is a unique selection of some of the most innovative painters working in London today.

Curated by Anthony Gross & Jen Wu