"Cling Film" .........................Artivists - Peckham Library, London - 8 May 2004
Giacomo Picca

Photography by Effis Vourakis and Maria Mencia

The lines are created from found points located in a public space. The points can be trees, pillars, poles, etc. Once an initial point is established, the new line starts to unfold until the other point is connected, another point is found and another line is formed, eventually the last line is united to the very first point. The new space is finally defined. The results of all the connections are drawings made in or of spaces.
The processes of interaction of the local people reveal the composition of the imminent spaces. The process develops a moment of awareness of the potential of change in our routines in the day-to-day life. Does it raise a question of the dichotomy between end and new beginning? Are the lines a boundary between the new defined spaces and the original place where it all begun?
We live in a society where in the urban landscape the class differences still widening so much with the predominance of culture discrimination. In a global sense, the distance between the developed and developing world is still getting greater but in contradiction, there is a demand of a proximity and openness to the necessities of the "new" world order. This always-unsatisfied order is eager to infiltrate in the geographical and mental spaces of the different cultures through the universal process of globalization undermining any notions of the particular and its identity.
The cling film symbolises moments of resistance against the waves of people and policies that want to influence our lives by the means of actions that are just designed for their immediate benefit.
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