Giacomo Picca

craige andrae
jorge aristizabal
eva bensasson
tiago carneiro da cunha
volker eichelmann
mark friedlander
leyla gediz
alex hidalgo
simon holmes
ruth mclennan
giacomo picca
stephen setford
camila sposati
francisco valdes


cool ...............................................rockingham project space, southwark, london

It is an art exhibition within the boundaries of a Council Housing Estate in central London.

The attitude "raises" other notions of values and relationship between centre/marginal - "ideologically", the project attempts to negociate and extend art from its social/cultural environment towards people’s social reality – the Council Estate.

The exhibition does not try to define any “specific” art trend so expected in the 90’s during the hangover of the YBA generation, but to reflect the cultural diversity and a variety of modes of production in its different mediums and concepts; reflected in the practice of artists from Sidney, Istanbul, São Paulo, Santiago do Chile, Bogotá, Frankfurt and London.

24 june to 27 june 1999