beto valente
My name is Beto, Beto Valente. Meu trabalho é assoviar na musica dos outros, mas o que gosto de fazer é filmar o obvio e depois recontar a estoria. Fazer o roteiro depois que o filme esta pronto. Eles dizem que sou cineasta, eu digo que eles dizem o que acham que os outros também dirão. Corta.
daniel marques
Mythomania é um projeto que Daniel Marques tem desenvolvido desde 1999. O projeto propõe-se a investigar a construção de narrativas em imagens ilustrando momentos de crise sócio-política. Daniel Marques recebeu um Doutorado (Brunel University, 2003) por um estudo de processos de globalisação em Londres. Ele mora no sudoeste de Londres, em Eel Pie Island.
eduardo padilha
I am interested in dealing with the missing links that appear with the found materials, and my work often extends its life into other contexts. This operation occurs in the installations as well as in the videos. History and autobiography cannot be exactly located, and personal issues develop together with public ones.
fernanda chieco
My artwork consists of strict attention to technical details exploring human interaction with novel devices and instruments. The result is a strange hybrid, sitting somewhere between a medical textbook, a folio of classical drawings, and the physical laboratory of a lunatic inventor.
flavia fernandes
Flávia Fernandes, 1956. SP .Mora em Florianópolis, SC Meu percurso é da pintura e gravura, e desde 2001 venho realizando intervenç›es artísticas na paisagem. O trabalho se instala na paisagem, urbana ou de natureza, fazendo parte dela, interferindo nela. Ressignifica-a, pois cria um novo significado poético e plástico. O transeunte faz parte dela pois a obra está instalada no seu espaço cotidiano interferindo nele. No vídeo "A nadadora" o corpo de um transeunte é usado (como um duplo) para realizar a ação artística. Cada vez mais me interessa realizar um trabalho que crie uma relação com o entorno e com as pessoas que nele se inserem.
Gobira is a Brazilian multi-media artist concerned with the social construction of art and its hierarchies. His concerns are the differentiation between low and high culture, folk art and gallery art, identity, audience participation, collaboration and democratic practice as opposed to individualist approach.

"Trees for the Wood" - a playful reversal of the famous English proverb. The confusion is apt because in these 'paintings' wood is the pictorial surface, the material and the subject-matter. In the original proverb, "not to see the wood for the trees" means that you are so stuck in the particular that you cannot get a view of the general, the whole. But this 'general' is exactly what Giacomo seeks by means of his attention to the particular, the wood. 'Wood' becomes 'tree' becomes 'wood', as a universal symbol.

guy brett - "our roots are our branches"

giacomo picca
Marssares is a performance and sound artist based in Rio de Janeiro. His practice involves intervening with spaces either to manipulate their existing ambient sound or to create a sound base on which other activities take place. For one of his projects Marssares set up 'Sound Parks' around the city, where a wooden sound structure is buried under the sand on Ipanema beach, forming a web of speakers. People would then walk onto the speakers which could be both heard and felt. The sound structures can also be used indoors where they are often suspended.
Here we talk about Tetine (Bruno Verner & Eliete Mejorado) and our relationship to sound production, technology, pop culture, performance art, body politics, autobiography and chance. We have been defining TetineÕs s work as being informed by an urgent necessity to translate personal and fictional life events into personal images, sonic textures, atmospheres and states through the use of body performance, electronic devices, voice recordings and projections. We have run Tetine as a duo since 1995. Since then, we have produced a variety of distinct original combined-media projects ranging from visual spoken-word performances; electronic music shows to video-installations and experimental albums.
Many of my works result from processes of work of repetitive acts founded on the most basic grammar of painting. In this exhibition I will show two works from the series Vanishing Lineâ. One is a line and the other is a point and the title refers to the illusionism in painting. The first film shows a sequence of lines made by the division of hair on people's heads and the second film is a fusion of nine images of a navel during a pregnancy.
marcia thompson
I think my most recent work is playing with "autobiography". Not that I really believe on the importance of my existence in the "drawing of the world". I started using myself as the subject of my work for many reasons, but mainly because I was always aroundÉthat helpsÉ . I gather my unorganized experiences on languages (painting, drawing, music, English, Portuguese, Spanish) and my circumstance of foreigner in NY and in London (working as a waitres...SANTA MARIA!!!!!), and then mix it well, like making a cake and afterwards I offer the result.
ana cartaxo

guest artist: Stephen Setford

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