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Press Release

Cosy Universe - Mostra Multimedia de Arte Brasileira 2004

CU - Cosy Universe_2004 is the first Festival of Multimedia Art from Brazil in London.

The Festival is part of the celebration of the second anniversary of the magazine JungleDrums.

CU - Cosy Universe_2004 consists of two interrelated events:

1. A workshop run by Brazilian artist Giacomo Picca,

2. An exhibition of multimedia art by Brazilian artists,

The workshop

During the CU - Cosy Universe_2004 workshop Giacomo Picca will invite visitors to find new uses for recyclable materials either found in situ or brought in by the participants. The workshop will culminate in the creation of a collective installation re-contextualising those materials in relation to the architecture of the building.

The workshop will be run on the 23th and 24th October 2004, 12:00 to 16:30 hrs.

All the process will be documented and catalogued on the Internet.

The exhibition

CU - Cosy Universe_2004 will also comprise an exhibition of multimedia art by Brazilian artists. The exhibition avoids enclosing the works of these artists under any particular theme, and instead presents the works as the product of idiosyncratic and sometimes contrasting experiences.

The artists

Ana Cartaxo

Fernanda Chieco

Flavia Fernandes


Daniel Marques


Eduardo Padilha

Marcia Thompson


Beto Valente

guest artist: Stephen Setford


CU - Cosy Universe_2004 is curated by Giacomo Picca.

It will take place at 142 Lea Bridge Road, Hackney, London E5.

The venue is a disused factory that is being converted into a space for multicultural activities.

The exhibition will run on 30th and 31st October 2004. Private View is on 30th October 2004, 18:00 to 20:30 hrs.