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translation by Debora Chobanian

Brazilian artists celebrate their encounter in London

By Theo Ferreira

Brazilian art seeks a place amongst the busy cultural agenda of London. On 23rd, 24th, 30th and 31st of October the 1st Brazilian Art Multimedia Exhibition will take place in London. Named CU - Cosy Universe_2004, the event has as its curator the Brazilian artist Giacomo Picca and consists of two different artistic interventions: firstly, a workshop given by the curator and, secondly, an exhibition with works of various artists including Fernanda Chieco, Flavia Fernandes, Gobira, Daniel Marques, Marssares, Eduardo Padilha, Tetine, Márcia Thompson, Ana Cartaxo, Beto Valente and Dado Amaral. The exhibition will take place in Hackney (142 Lea Bridge Road, Hackney, London E5); in an old factory no longer in use whish has been transformed in a multicultural space. For the workshop, which is going to happen on the 23rd and 24th, Giacomo invites visitors to experiment with recycled materials found in the factory or brought by participants. The workshop will finish with the production of a collective installation, which is going to put these materials into a context in relationship to the architecture of the space. The whole experience will be documented, catalogued and will have a permanent link on the website


The exhibition will take place on the 30th and 31st uniting Brazilian fine artists whose journey has met Giacomo's journey throughout his work in London, at some point in time and space. It aims to celebrate these experiences, which reflect a particular moment of such encounters. The exhibition avoids classifying the work of various artists in one single theme and, for that very reason, brings a diversity of their production, such as photographs by Daniel Marques investigating the construction of narratives in images illustrating moments of socio-political crisis; the works of Fernanda Chieco exploring human interaction with new equipments and instruments resulting in a strange hybrid form in a some place between a medicine book and a selection of classical drawings, as well as a physics laboratory of a lunatic inventor; the sound manipulations of an environment and installations created by Marssares; the exploration of videos retelling stories created by Beto Valente and Dado Amaral; or the search of a new poetic and plastic meaning through the relationship between an artistic installation and a landscape by Flavia Fernandes. You will have the opportunity to appreciate our relationship with pop culture, art-performance, political bodies and chance by watching a video created by Tetine; a social construction of art and its hierarchies interpreted by Gobira and the exploration of lost links amongst materials as well as their transference to different contexts on the drawings of Eduardo Padilha.

New spaces, new interpretations

All works have a link: the relationship between art, architecture and social space. The exhibition faces the challenge to defy the common place dedicated to art, as in the gallery; and takes place in an architectonic space in transformation, an environment of different events. For that, it takes advantage of improvisation making the exhibition subtle and opened, trying to get closer to the ones who quite often feel intimidated with fancy galleries, offering them the opportunity to experiment new visions and interpretations in an architectonic space, in an informal social context. The spontaneity of such improvisation actions establish links with references from Brazilian experimental art of the 60s, as it's known in Europe trough the works of Helio Oiticica and Ligia Clark, and current creations of Ducha, Marssares and Jarbas Lopes. I would dare to say that such criteria reflect "the way Giacomo produces art", whose exhibitions and artistic interventions are always searching for a social inter-relation and makes us believe or remember that there is an artist inside all of us. It makes us believe art can be appreciated and it is available for all of us.

For those whose artistic instincts have already taken them to adventure the production of artistic videos, but had only the opportunity to show them to their families or friends, don't miss the opportunity to explore new audiences: the event will have an opened section to exhibit videos of upcoming artists who might be interested in showing their work.In order to participate, get in touch with the curator through an e-mail: or send your work directly.

To the ones who found this information "very interesting" but are not prepared to leave their comfortable sofas during this cold weather- Cheer up! You can also watch gigs by the bands "B Nego e os seletores de frequencia", "Maracatu Estrela do Norte" or listen to the sound of Sambatrália DJs and guests.

To find out more info, visit:

CU - Cosy Universe

23/24 and 30/31 October 2004

Project 142

142 Lea Bridge Road, Hackney,

E6 London

Buses 38, N38, 42 and 55

Information: 0207 2425140