Giacomo Picca
International Exhibitionit : Moving in Architecture

Curzon Soho
99 Shaftesbury Avenue
London W1

Tuesday 12 September 2006
Shezad Dawood - Charlotte Ginsborg - Anthony Gross - Goshka Macuga - Martine Aballéa - Yu-Chen Wang Cyril Lepetit - Van McElwee (Carte Blanche Heure Exquise) - Simon Aeppli - Christophe Boulanger - Martin Zet Paul Hendrikse - Paul O’Neill - Graeme Miller and Giacomo Picca.

The International Exhibitionist (IE) is an open proposal. It usually takes place at the Curzon Soho cinema in London. The aim of the IE is to be an open platform. It is a way to draw a landscape of the contemporary art scene. that Cyril Lepetit comes across.

This event has so far developed two main approaches:

(1)- Once invited to take part in the IE, the artists have the choice of the work they want to exhibit in the programme. They are not restricted to any medium. They only have to work with the idea in mind that the programme takes place in a cinema auditorium and that their contribution can be up to 9 minutes long. Each programme is one hour long and takes place on one evening only.

(2)- The IE is now also developing as an archive and Cyril Lepetit has been invited to programme special one of screenings in collaboration with various venues, art centres, festivals and university seminars. This July Cyril Lepetit curated the ‘Moving in Architecture’ installation at the Camden Arts Centre, London. A selection of artists’ films was staged in the gallery space in response to the ‘Archipeinture’ exhibition.The artists how have taken part in the International Exhibitionist are:

Ma-Liuming (China) - Mairead McClean (Northern Ireland) - Peter Filingham & Anthony Heywood (England) - Ross Birrell (Scotland) Paul O'Neill (Ireland) - Bartolomé Ferrando (Spain) - Docteur Courbe (France) - Artur Tajber (Poland) - Carole Gollé (France) - Boris Nielsony (Germany) - Susan Philipz (Scotland) - Cyril Lepetit (France) - Grayson Perry (England) - Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux (France) - Nadine Touma (Lebanon) - Jacques Lizène (Belgium) - Roi Vaara (Finland) - Andre Stitt (Northern Ireland) - Georgia Nelson (England) - David Medalla (Philippines) & Shoe Taylor Guiness (England) - Philippe Charles (France) - Alma Tischler Wood (Germany) - Messieurs Delmotte (Belgium) - Adrian Pier (USA) - Orlan (France) - Garry Stevens (England) - Brian Catling (England) - Roddy Hunter (Scotland) - Joël Hubaut (France) - Robin Deacon (England) - Flávia Müller Medeiros (Brazil) - Pierre Bastien (France) - Chelpa Ferro (Brazil) - Graeme Miller (England) - Irma Optimist (Finland) - Paul Granjon (France) - Vibrö (France) - Jive Biquette (France) - Paul Hendrikse (Holland) - Caroline Mc Carthy (Northern Ireland) - Martin Zet (Czech Republic)- Zineb Sedira (Algeria) - Katarzyna Kozyra & Grezgor Pitulej (Poland) - Haley Newman & Gill Adisson (England) - Candice Breitz (South African) - Farah Bajul (Iran) - He Cheng Yho (China)

watch video: 5min