draw_drawing_2 _bern roche farrelly

the foundry
86 great eastern street
shoreditch, london ec2a 3jl

A cloud rains on man as he paints it.

Proposal for performance at the “draw_drawing_2” opening at The Foundry

This performance explores the romantic yet doomed position of the mark maker. We see a figure attempting to paint a rain cloud onto the ceiling of a room. As they work, the paint drips down onto them like real rain, covering their face. Their each gesture is a bold existential affirmation but they become covered in paint from their own fictional cloud.

Two sky blue squares of plastic are set up, one on the ceiling for the painter to paint onto and the other directly below to catch the drips that will form a second, reflected image of the cloud. The performer stands on a chair or ladder to reach the ceiling. They paint with a thick brush using white and black paint that has been diluted to make sure it drips off the ceiling effectively.

The performer takes on the roll of a cartoon character followed perpetually by a personal storm that floats above their head eternally soaking them. The figure may also remind the viewer of Tantalus, the Greek sinner who was condemned to have a bolder float above his head for all time ready to drop like a piano and crush him like a bug.

Although this performance uses paint as a material, it has an emphasis on mark making that positions it as a drawing exercise. The performance is process based rather than narrative based. Thus, this piece could take place through out one of the opening nights, rather than taking up one of the few live slots. After the performer has left the remaining rain cloud paint drawing and props could form a sculptural element within the show.

The performer will were protective eye goggles and will have assistants on hand to make sure the public do not interfere with the performer and props.

Bern Roche Farrelly

Tel: 07725811377