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SHEren in A-MemOry of July 7th

Laura Cristin will continue her journey in the Time, in the Music by Dario Della Rossa, in London Biennale. On July 7th, soon after the celebration of the awareness of the first Solstice of her Life (being born on June 13th), getting deep in the centre of Love where Life and Death meet, in the first anniversary of the terrorist attack of 2005. Deep in the .WAVe of AMO traced in the cetacean SHEren&dolpHEn poetic, exploring the possibilities of M as Music, but also of the Memory of whatever can not be forgot, thinking about the Whale finding death in the river Thames in January this year, around of the date of Mozart’s birth and the Memory of the Holocaust. The main instrument is the body through its identity of SHEren/dolpHEn and its distinctive notes: not only bathing caps, siren’s flukes or dolphins of real plastic, but also a “palo de lluvia” that has been played in ApuliA and in A-MexicO to re-create the ancestral sound of the Sea, together with everyone wanting to stay in the same Wave as a grain of sand or a single drop of water in the Ocean.

Laura Cristin has assumed the identity of SHEren/dolpHEn and started the performances in 2003, after the Cill Rialaig art residency in Ireland. Meeting Fungi, the dolphin of the Bay of Dingle, in contact with the Ocean, she started to think of her artist identity of SHEren (siren) in relation to the one of “dolpHEn” feeling the need of expressing in other ways, beyond painting. Art actions followed in Madrid (“SHEren in search of dolpHEn” 2003, “SHEren’sCASE” 2005, “in Memoria11MAR04” 2006), in Finland (“Getting ready for summer” 2004), Germany (“The Little Magic Mermaid” 2005) and Italy (in Venice for MPI in 51Biennale 2005, Udine, Lecce, Florence, Padua, Bologna, Macerata, Foggia, Milan). Her presence in London Biennale 2006 (“draw_drawing_2”, “human technology”, “Arcadia” and “MayDay Flag”) follows the participation in “Performagia 4” in Mexico City for Museo Universitario del Chopo -with the action “SHEren in A-MexicO” and the talk “The identity as handmade- and the performance “SHEren’s First Solstice” in Gorizia, by the river Isonzo in coincidence with the Solstice of June. She likes to fix the emotions felt on the way in paintings like the SHErensigns or Artist Trading Cards. In the main theme of Siren&dolphin she traces transversal waves like the recent A-M-O that after the A of Andersen in 2005, explores this year the M of Music, already projected towards the O of 2007. In her art the interaction with places, persons and other artists’ research is very important. The most significant collaboration is from/with the musician Dario Della Rossa, author of the music for her performances.

Address: piazza S. Martino 6, 33050 Bagnaria Arsa (UD) ITALY e-mail: lauracristin@it
www.lauracristin.it, www.londonbiennale.org, www.artwanted.com/sheren, www.undo.net/, www.brigantino.org/appnov056.htm
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