4 July to 9 July 2006


the foundry
86 great eastern street
shoreditch, london ec2a 3jl

Press Release:

For the occasion of London Biennale 2006 Giacomo Picca is uncurating the draw_drawing_2 at The Foundry Gallery. It is trans-geographical exhibition where people from all over the planet join together in one of the cultural capital of the world.

There are 606 participants with over 1300 drawings. Participants are from Auman to Oslo, Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro.

The project draw_drawing_ is a laboratory for experiences of universal ideals, generosity and solidarity. It is reflected by the effort of the people that volunteered to put the show up in a record of 13 hours; and also, by the final image in the gallery, each individual work look like that they are hand in hand with each other, as one. The exhibition is a sign to keep us to believe that are many possibilities if we think collectively.

The participants received an e-mail, which still circulating in the internet, inviting the reader to take part in an exhibition in London. Each individual decided if he/she wanted to take part in it. The exhibition is displaying any work that each participant wished to send. This kind of strategies has the intention to break down hierarchical systems and structures of power, in particular in the art world, where the curator is seen almost as a god figure.

The intention of this exhibition is to follow the journey of information through digital pathways-internet, see how far it propagates and how it returns-via post as a means of representation.
It is an investigation into how the “universal” written words open responses from experiences inhabiting particular spaces. How subjective experiences from different places are shared with other spaces: geographical spaces or mental spaces.

It is an attempt to find out if a line really defines a boundary, if it is a sign for differences or similarities.

As Heiddeger quotes:
…a boundary is not that at which something stops but, … the boundary is that from which something begins its essential unfolding…

The boundaries of the Gallery will not be an end, not the final showing of the drawings. The visiting public will be invited to represent their own experiences and desires also - making and adding drawings throughout the show. The juxtaposition and accumulation of images that speak of the differences in realities intends to celebrate the diversity of cultures and societies and their individuality mediated through a common language, drawing.

The idea is also to just appreciate a sense of joy mediated through the mark making and accumulation of lines, resulting in a drawing made by different people.

Will we re-define notions of space by the process of accumulation?

The exhibition is going to be held in July 2006 during the London Biennale 2006, following the spirit of its founder, David Medalla.

Performances every evening from 7:30 pm
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