Giacomo Picca
Nature Mediated by Images

Instruction for Performance

For this project you have to have a kit containing:
-the given publication
-a compass
-a piece of 2x1 timber
-a roll of string

When you arrive at the destination city for the bayennale, acquire a local map.
Identify in the map the closest park to the centre of the city.
Once in the vicinities of the park, get into the park through the south gate following north using the compass.
Similarly walking north keep your attention on your right-hand side.
When you find a tree that reminds you of a tree that you used to climb sometime in the past, stop for a while and reflect.
Place the given publication on the ground with the double cover wide open.
Place a piece of wood/timber of 65 cm in length along the top of the publication.
Attach 3 pieces of string of 50 cm in length at both extremes and in the middle of the piece of wood/timber.
Make a loop in which the publication can be fitted in and sustained by when the timber/book system is lifted from the ground.
The publication should have the pages free to be manipulated by anyone that wants to get through them.
Get another piece of string long enough to reach the branch of the tree that you are aiming to climb.
Attach one end of the string at the gravity point of the system timber/book.
Climb the tree holding the other end of the string.
Once you find yourself sitting comfortably on the chosen branch of the tree, pull the string until the publication is lifted 1,70 meters from the ground.
In intervals of about 45 seconds speak out: “Nature mediated by images”

Bayennale Festival of Contemporary Art in San Francisco and Oakland...........23rd July – 7th August 2005.

Performed by: The Artists Association of Autonomous Book ....Calum F. Kerr