Giacomo Picca
Proposal for Dang-in-ri Power Station

Ssamzie Space, 5-129, Changjeon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Curated by Hong Yeong-In and Yu Seokyeon

Fri 22 December 2006 - 10 January 2007
Francisco Valdes (London), Sadie Murdoch (London), mit (Zurich), Nuts Society (Bangkok), Veronique Chance (London), Giacomo Picca (London), Suhasini Kejriwal (Calcutta), Diann Bauer (London), Kim Hyung-Gwan (Seoul), Kwon Dae-Hun (London/Seoul), Han Sungpil (Seoul) Han Jung-lim + Seo Seungmo + Choi Hwanho (Seoul), Kim Taeksu (Seoul), An Useong (Seoul), Lee Chunggi (Seoul), Jeong Jaeheon (Seoul)

Exhibition description:

The Exhibition, 'Dang-in-ri Art Plant' is aiming to make tangible the interdisciplinary and cross-cultural exchanges between artists from Korea, Britain, Switzerland, India and Thailand as well as architects and writers.
Under the site-specific theme of ‘Dang-in-ri Power Station' in Korea, the show will explore the increasingly transnational practice of "transforming disused-industrial sites into the exhibition spaces". By inviting artists, architects and writers who are dealing with the theme of power, society and its relation to their own art practices, works and writings, a broad discourse will be raised through their works.
Through the exchange of ideas from different perspective and cultural, genre backgrounds, the show itself will become a unique public project that question about relation between Power and Art.

This exhibition is happening in Ssamzie Space in Seoul.


History of context of the project:
1. About Dang-in-ri Power station
- The initial Power Plant in South Korea, located in the central Seoul, beside of Han River. It was originally built in 1930, and now became a combined heat and power plant.
- In 2005, the ministry of Culture & Tourism in Korea announced that they have set up the master plan for transferring this site into one of the biggest cultural complex in Seou. It was supposed to be realized throughout two years renovating process(2012-2014).
- Then in the same year, Korean Government withdrew this plan
- In 2006, Oh Sae-Hun, Hannara Party, made an election promise that he will realize “Art Plant Plan” in Danginri, Mapogu, Seoul. After his becoming a Mayor, He also withdrew the plan. murmured about his precious promise of ‘public art promotin plan’ including Dnaginri Power station’s transformation plan.
- Recently(2006) Government announced through media that Danginri Power station will be a key Power station to send electric power to North Korea so that it has to be located in the center of city as before.


Writings by :

Suhail Malik (Writes and teaches at Goldsmitsh College, London)
Johannes Maier (Artist, London)
Toeihgam Srisubut (Artist, Bangkok)
Ryu Jehong (Cultural Critic, Seoul)
Choi Beom (Critic-Public art, Seoul)
Park Cheolsu (Architect, Seoul)
Go Jeongae (Reporter, Seoul)
Lee Hyeyun (Reporter, Seoul)
Kwon Museong (Architect, Seoul)
Jeong giyong (Architect, Seoul)
Hong Bora (Director, Gallery Factory, Seoul)
Jung Hyun (Cultural Critic, Paris)

Opening Reception: 6 pm, 22nd December 2006

Artists’ Talk I: 23rd December 2006
2pm . Johannes Maier
3pm. mit (Sabine Hagmann)
4pm-6pm. Round Talk
Artists’ Talk II : 6th January 2007
2pm-6pm. Round Talk with participating artists, writers

For inquires, please contact Hong Young-In Yu Seokyeon

Sponsored by: Korean Art Council, Ssamzie Space, British Council, Pro Helvetia, Korean Air, Art Center Nabi