Stories and Poems
where u from?

so who’s this brotha? where’s he from? wats he on?
well in response i could get all subliminal, incomprehensible
spiritual or nature filled,
in my explanation to the question
but i always thought that communication
was about the audience having some kind of perception,
of what was being referred 2,
i’d like 2 take this thru, as simple as possible
a definition, of my own i-dentification,
now my initials essentially
form the basis of how many know me,
but for some surely, that would be far 2 easy
2 simply, define myself solely
as – J.R. the Lyrical Architect,
so 2 take it to the next step,
without getting 2 complicated or complex
on application forms it’s the other box, for equal opps,
that gets ticked
then i write in ‘African – Hispanic’,
due 2 my parents’ heritage,
i feel that identity has a lot 2 do with language
in which case i know a little bit of Spanish,
but can only really manage,
one phrase in the Asanti dialect of Twi,
& it don’t take no genius 2 see
the influence of a London twang within my everyday flow,
but bes’ believe i ain’t no english fellow,
& feel far from british -
cause in my viens, there ain’t no british blood in it
but in many ways - you could say – that London - i love it,
South-East 2 be precise, so you might,
well say that i’ma South-East Ender,
living in this city goes a long way 2 define the –
identity’s of many of we, so in a way i see
being a ‘Londoner’ as part of my nationality,
but when i applied 4 a London passport,
they told me i was crazy.

J.R. the Lyrical Architect