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Fate Attached

My fate attached
Like cloths I hang animated
Unfolding lines drawn
Inside let out
Outside let in
All doors open and close
Almost grasping the handle in hand
To try and touch what’s behind
This place a fired, calm, chaos order
Freed mind and words spoken
To ease my conscious thoughts
Chucked away in idle talk
My name caught by my hand
I swallow it
The moment
A life span of doing lines
Writing them out on paper
Thousands of times
Drawn out is this place
Pale dawn and glow
At night strange dreams faded
In my minds eye a fly in the eye
Water tears
I rub it out to see more clearly
Dirty sticky thing on fingers
Wipe on self, on ground and earth
I awake
To free myself of these thoughts
& Wrestle with great minds
Know what it is
This life, what’s it for
So I draw my outline, capture it
Study it
Turning it in my hands I laugh
Do I know any more?
Unlike some others lost, enslaved, hungry or poor
Some day soon the tide will come in
& I will ride high and surf its surf
& Join those others in their light.

By Jon Gershon

Jon Gershon