The intention for this exhibition is to follow the journey of information through digital pathways-internet, see how far it propagates and how it returns-via post as a means of representation.

It is an investigation how the "universal" written words open responses from experiences inhabiting particular spaces. How subjective experiences from different places are shared with other spaces: geographical spaces or mental spaces.

The intention is to represent the line as a protagonist of a collective language that trespass boundaries and can erase differences that we have been experiencing throughout history.

As Heiddeger quotes: ...a boundary is not that at which something stops but, ...the boundary is that from which something begins its essential unfolding...

The boundaries of the Gallery will not be an end, not the final showing of the drawings. The visiting public will be invited to represent their own experiences and desires also - making and adding drawings throughout the show. The juxtaposition and accumulation of images that speak of the differences in realities intends to celebrate the diversity of cultures and societies and its individuality mediated through a common language, drawing.

The idea is also to just appreciate a sense of joy mediated through the mark making and accumulation of lines resulting in a drawing made by different people.

Will we re-define notions of space by the process of accumulation?


Giacomo Picca