Giacomo Picca

Extract from De-corator press release July 2005:

IDEA / You are De-corator is a remake of an Ikea catalogue to include
the work of up to 70 contemporary artists. Through simple alterations,
using the Ikea catalogue as a site in which to collage in artwork, we
feel that we can make an elegant comment on mass productions and
the role of the artist in today's society.

This limited handmade edition is the very opposite of the mass produced
Ikea handout. The new catalogue allows people to arrange their own
exhibition against various domestic backdrops. An exhibition will
accompany the publication.
De-corator is an international London-based curatorial collective that has
come together through Dali/Central St Martins College of art.
De-corators: Oskia Alvarez, Ramiro Camelo, Dominika Cudak, Elisa Ferrero,
Suzanne Golden, Maria Stathi. This is their debut project.

Artists include: Nikolas Arvanitis, John Beasley, Mark Bell, Sara Berner,
Danilo Bozzetto, Jemima and Dolly Brown, Blair Butterfield, Elkin Calderon,
Coleta Carbonell, Claudia Casarino, Maurizio Cattelan, Carolina Caycedo,
Louise Clarke, Claude Closky, Darren Coffield, Bruce Dalzell Atherton,
Sarah Davenport, Lloyd Durling, Doug Fishbone, Emanuela Genesio,
Cleanthi-Christina Gkatzeli, Dominique Golden, Laura Green, Jeppe Hein &
Johannes Wohnseifer, Mike Hink, Graham Hudson, Dan Howard-Birt,
Lee Johnson, Konstantina Kapanidou, Eun-Kyung Kim, Adam King, Adrian Lee,
Davide Le Grazie, Sarah Lucas, Bruno Lucca, Dancia Maurer, Debby McBride,
Stuart Mitchell, Christina Mitrentse, Gianni Motti, Christiana Nicolau,
Junishiro Nishimaki, Helen O'Leary, Michela Ongaretti, Kate Owens, Mattia Paganelli,
Rosa Pappa-Vezyrtzi, Giacomo Picca, Raul Piña, Frances Richardson, Ugo Riva,
Anne Rook, Alexandre Santacruz, Alan Smithee, Heidi Stokes, Sven T' Jolle,
Juan Toledo, Max Tomasinelli, Julie Tzerbinou, Peer Towers, Udbu Luisa Valentini,
Lily Van der Stokker, Sofia Vlazaki and Andreas Voussouras

For further information or images please contact: or telephone 020 7935 1952