Nomadic Mobile Tree

"I use the tree as a mediator of personal experiences and a shared sign operating in different cultural spaces."

Landscape and portraiture are the main interest in this project.
In this series of photographs I use the tree as an archetypal image of the landscape and I carry it during my journeys. I ask the people that I meet and relate to hold the tree and I take a photograph of them with the tree. I am interested in the way each different person is portrayed, how they review themselves and their emotional responses with something that is made by me. It is a moment between the person and an object that I have done.

The tree as a form is quite personal to me. It is an image that I have been using since my childhood. In my drawings for instance, it would review the projections of my emotional states.

The mobile tree as a generic form, on one hand, operates metaphorically as a sign for our memories of different spaces, different cultural-political systems and different geographies. The tree thus, opens up other spaces of interpretations which operates in the line between what we consider that we know and what we actually know. On the other hand, it becomes a sign of my own self. It is a way to include myself in the portrait with a device that signifies myself. I am in the portrait without being there. The people start to relate to the object tree in a quite personal way because a kind of relationship has been started in whatever form somewhere in time. The tree becomes the synthesis of this relationship and the photo negotiates the interaction between myself and the person portrayed.

The images reveal the spontaneous negotiations of the moments that I encounter in my mobility. They are the memories, spontaneous memories of the unpredictable situations that I experience in these different places. The tree in this state of mobility has the potential to become an agent of liberation that exists within differences of realities.