Walking in Berlin .....................................................Umspannwerk, Berlin
Giacomo Picca

I collected the pieces of fabric during my wondering through the streets of Berlin.
The people that I encountered in these wondering gave me the pieces of fabric.
During our conversations I would make a question to stimulate the person to participate on the piece of fabric.
The question was: - " What would you like to do? "
On the day of the exhibition I stitched the pieces of fabric together, once it finished, I placed it in the space of the gallery.
The lines drawn over the finished piece are the map of my walkabouts in the streets of Berlin and are made of shoelaces.
All along the duration of the exhibition the public was also invited to participate on the piece interpreting the question as they wished. Each individual has chosen to manifest on it by, either drawing or writing, using a provided set of pen.

The experience (re)opens other fields of reflection. It reflects an opportunity/desire for natural manifestation that we are able to have but, maybe we don’t have because of our routines, fears and psychological barriers; some to do with aesthetic consideration what art should look like. In a state of reflection, with direct means and simple materials, one’s is engaged in an artistic experience. The transit between moments of our everyday lives, through the urban/social environment to the gallery/cultural environment, expands these spaces of reflection from a socio-politico environment towards a collective artistic experience. The spontaneity mediated by the choice of an individual's visual manifestation and the juxtaposition of the materials collaborates to subvert preconceived considerations of aesthetic models.
What/ why/ how should art be.

18 to 23 august 2003